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About Upp


Top three reasons why to choose Ultimate Paintball Park

 1.   We have the best staff,

 they are there to assist you with your needs. 

More  importantly, they are there to help you have fun! 

And they do a fantastic job,

 check out our reviews on Facebook  www.facebook.com/ultimatePBpark


anti fog lenses the only way to play


2.   We have Anti fog lenses for are goggles, 

no more running around trying to see though fogged-over lenses and can't hit a thing. 


nothing but the best

3.   We shoot 4 star paintballs! 

What does that mean for you?

 Well, great paint shoots straight,

 it breaks well when it hits the player,

 and has far less bounces

 (bounces hurt way more then breaks) 

our fields

Castle Murray


Castle Murray is the Park's current favorite. With lots of fun places to hide behind, ramps that take you up to a second level, great for defend and attack game. Castle Murray is a challenge for all ages


fort wanna haka a lukey


Fort wanna haka a lukey has a fort in the center of the map, allowing for great games like, king of the hill, last man standing, and an open play map. 

infamous d-day


under new Construction 

speed ball


speed ball is a fast placed game played by players from beginners to advanced. we now have 4500 psi air on the field, large dead boxes, and are currently building player pits. check us out on Facebook (ultimatepickuppaintball) for the dates and times that speed ball is up. join us and be informed